Tuesday, September 20, 2016

about you

I saw her face.
Full of anxiety.
 Is she going to explode?
Why people keep push her away?
Why people demand her to take that responsibility?
She has her own ambition.
To reach that ambition she has to scarify her interest.
She seems so lonely.
Yet she never failed to pull out a smile on her face.
Is that smile, fake?
My sister, she deeply wants to enter this foundation. She tries her best. A lot of application has been sent, yet there’s still has no answer. I saw her working so hard in order to achieve her dream. She wanted to get out from that matriculation. Can you guys please spend a few second to pray for her
Ya Allah, jika itu yang terbaik untuk nya maka Kau buka kan lah pintu menuju ke jalan itu. Ya Allah jika disini terletaknya rezeki dia maka kau bantulah dia untuk redha dan menerima ketentuanMu. Ya Allah kau pinjamkanlah dia kekuatan untuk menghadapi setiap dugaan yang tiba. Ya Allah kau Ampunilah dosa dia, dosa kedua ibubapanya yang masih hidup mahupun yang telah pergi mengadapMu.
Dik, I know you really want to study here, but here a piece of advice from me, if Allah choose you to be here, you will be, inshaaAllah no matter how harsh people treat you now, Allah will reward you with something you can never imagine for. I know most of our relative kept asking you to leave near your mom, but just to let you know, ummi inshaaAllah will redha with any action you take as long as you obey with the shariah. Love your big sis xD

p/s: few day left. will be 300 day without a dad called ayah. dear encik haris, anakandamu merinduimu terlalu rinduu.

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