Monday, September 19, 2016


It has passed 1.30 am. Alhamdulillah done with take home test. It was damn challenging. Madam mimi is no joke laa tabikk sama madam
 Thnk you madam For all your knowledges. May Allah bless you inshaaallah
I dreamed of you. It was like a few second look at one another. 
Without a smile on your face. And i chose to walk away.
Will sekeh kak teh for reading the post bout dia. 
Well shall i make a move? 
Recently i watched the Japanese movie "orange". It is highly recommended. 
A story not about you and me :')
Bye Goodnight
Salam sayang dari PJ.

2 keikhlasan ukhwah:

Kakteh Najihah said...

Uitt..ape nme aii ade kt snihh..*jap trase dri ini fofular la..ahakkss

jalilahiz10 said...

wuii kaktehhh oiiii akan ku tembak muu ke lautt chentaaa kita kah kah kah