Friday, November 27, 2015


it had been a long time since my last wrote i guess. hey there surely theres no one gonna read my blog anymore and heyya i dont really care uhuks
have you ever remember the first day you enter you school. the first day you stay a part from your family. the first time you fall in love. have you? do you?

sometimes guys we face problem that is so hard to be handle where you cant say a word to anybody where you just can cried in your doa. praise him for giving you chance to alive. alhamdulillah.

dan kadang itu mengingatkan kita kembali kepada zaman kita masih muda. zaman kita banyak bermain canda bergurau senda. 

And surely guys Allah will never test you with something you cant handle it. trust him. Dia tahu dan kita tidak tahu. 

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